Associate, Treasury & Markets (Liquidity, Relationship & Signatory Mgt)

Our Client the African Export-Import Bank AFREXIMBANK is looking to recruit for an Associate, Treasury Liquidity & Relationship Management within the Treasury & Markets department in Cairo, Egypt.


The role is to support the Treasury & Markets Front Office responsible for relationship management. This role is, basically, an Associate role within the Treasury & Markets Front Office responsible for treasury liquidity and relationship management activities. The successful candidate will work very with the Senior Manager responsible for all liquidity and relationship management activities both internally and externally. The role requires a flexible, thinking outside the box type of candidate who is ready to get his/her hands dirty and get things done. The candidate will be expected to work closely and proactively with, the Group Treasurer, with the wider Treasury & Markets team, and other departments. The candidate must demonstrate influence, excellent communication skills, be flexible, self-starter, and be easy to interact professionally with very senior people and people with varying backgrounds and walks of life.



  1. Treasury Liquidity Management Process:
  • Prepare and model inter/intra-day cash-flow forecast, monitor availability of cash to fulfill daily payment requirements at all times.
  • Own the liquidity and cash flow process for all branch bank accounts.
  • Work with the Planning, Analytics, Performance, and Reporting Manager on all liquidity management forecasting and reporting activities.
  • Optimize the investment of surplus cash in line with the investment policy of the Bank to ensure high-quality liquid assets while ensuring adequate return.
  • Ensure that investment transactions are timely recorded and that accurate records are maintained.
  • Monitor the liquidity buffer and prepare reports on the usage of available lines.
  • Design a liquidity monitoring tool and report(s) for branches operating accounts.
  • Assist all branches and subsidiaries with all their operational liquidity management issues.

b. Treasury Trade Finance and Money Market Funding Management (Short-term Funding Activities):

  • Match funding to the assets and liabilities profile per time bucket of the funding matrix to reduce liquidity risk in the short and medium term and Identify currency funding mismatches of available vs. required funding.
  • Assist in preparing liquidity stress testing and scenario analysis in order to simulate respective crisis situations by assessing liquidity risks, contingent funding requirements from off-balance-sheet commitments, as well as currency mismatches.
  • Maintain and update records for available money market lines, trade finance, and derivatives lines.
  • Assist the Senior Manager responsible for Liquidity and Relationship Management with all facilities documentation.

c. Treasury Limit Management

  • Monitor daily counterparties limits to avoid breaches and ensure compliance with the risk appetite of the Bank.
  • Attend to all limit management liquidity processes that directly or indirectly relate to guidance limits.

d. Treasury Client Solutions Desk

  • Champion the re-curing interval stakeholder engagement feedbacks through surveys and similar tools.
  • Work with the Senior Manager responsible for liquidity and relationship management to draw out a detailed monthly calendar plan for engagements with internal and external treasury stakeholders.
  • Assist the Senior Manager responsible for liquidity and relationship management to draw up detailed yearly Liquidity & Relationship Management [LRM] activities plan and budget for inclusion into the wider Treasury & Markets Annual Activities Plan.
  • Work with the Senior Manager responsible for liquidity and relationship management in writing all reports required for the LRM desk.

e. Treasury Relationship Management

i. Correspondent Banking

  • Own correspondent bank account opening, management, and maintenance processes within the Treasury services department.
  • Ensure appropriate records are in place to support the accounts opening including account opening forms, signature mandates, KYC forms, etc.
  • Ensure an appropriate on-boarding process of new clients and working in conjunction with the compliance department to ensure that up-to-date client due diligence and KYC/ AML documents are concluded on time and reviewed regularly.
  • Assist in maintaining and developing efficient and effective banking relationships with a core group of International and African Financial institutions in order to provide the Bank with long-term banking support.
  • Assist in preparing a regular presentation to communicate the Bank’s Credit strength, Financial performance, and Strategy to different counterparties and stakeholders.
  • Maintain and update records for all banking relationships and assist in evaluating and reporting the performance and effectiveness of the African and International relationship counterparties using qualitative and quantitative metrics.
  • Follow up on the Bank’s Annual external stakeholders survey and ensure that all comments received from counterparties are addressed on a timely basis.

ii. Internal Stakeholders

  • Assist in drawing up a monthly internal stakeholders engagement activity plan.
  • Work with the Senior Manager Liquidity & Relationship Management to conduct internal stakeholders feedback surveys and ensure that all feedback comments received from stakeholders are attended to.

iii. Client Solutions Desk

  • Assist the Senior Manager Treasury Liquidity and Relationship by providing support to the Treasury Client Solutions desk.
  • Provide input to the Treasury Client Solutions Desk planning process.
  • Assist in engaging the Bank’s client to market different solutions that the Treasury Client Solutions Desk.
  • Ownership of all the Service Level Agreements with all key internal and external stakeholders.

iv. Africa Resource Mobilization

  • Work with the Senior Manager responsible for liquidity and relationship management in liaison with the Africa Resource Mobilization champions to come up and execute an annual client engagement plan of activities.
  • Work with the Africa Resource Mobilization champions to arrange the treasury annual result presentation.

v. International Resource Mobilization

  • Work with the International Resource Mobilization champions to arrange the preparation and execution of treasury annual investors business dinner and result presentation in London.
  • Champion all stakeholder engagement meetings with all international counterparties in collaboration with the International Resource Mobilization champions.

f. Stakeholder Service Level Agreements [SLAs]

  • Ownership of the Treasury Processes and Procedures Manual and its relevant annual reviews and updates
  • Work with the Planning, Analytics, Performance Management & Reporting Manager on all performance analytics and reports on all SLAs
  • Champion the SLA feedback collation and inclusion into the performance metrics dashboard.

g. Signatory Model Management

  • Maintain and update the list of authorized signatories including complete and up-to-date specimen cards.
  • Work in collaboration with the Treasurer’s office in maintaining up-to-date processes and procedures for the signatory process.

h. Treasury & Markets Due Diligence and Know Your Customer [KYC] Process

  • Ownership of the Treasury & Markets end-to-end due diligence and KYC process.
  • Co-ordinate the KYC process with the Bank’s Compliance Department and different Treasury & Markets Department internal and external stakeholders;
  • Coordinate the proposed response collations and get them reviewed and approved by relevant senior management before sharing them with the relevant counterparties.

i. Other

  • Any other duties that may be assigned to the role holder by Senior Management from time to time.


Qualifications, Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude

  • The successful candidate shall be a reporting and analytics subject matter expert and an escalation point, prior to the Treasurer, for all treasury-related issues. He / She will work very closely with other subject matter experts in the Bank.
  • Bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate degree in Banking, Finance, or related subject from a recognized University are a must and a Recognized professional certification in a relevant field.
  • Recognized Professional Qualification in Treasury [AMCT, CTP (US), ACT’s Cert. in International Treasury Management, ACT’s Cert. in Cash Management, ACT’s Cert. in Risk Management, ACT’s Cert. Financial Mathematics & Modelling etc.] or Accounting (ACCA, CMA, CPA, or Equivalent) will be a strong added advantage but not a must.
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting for treasury activities i.e., International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience working in either an accounting firm and responsible for financial institutions or corporate institutions, preferably in the financial services industry; Solid grounding in financial systems database methodologies and financial modeling.
  • Solid experience in working with Treasury Management Systems.
  • Operational experience in a financial department with significant systems exposure.
  • People and project management.
  • Knowledge of treasury, debt capital markets, financial instruments, and structures.
  • Advanced Excel skills and computer literacy (e.g., SQL, Crystal Reports).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of the Bank's other working languages is an added advantage (French, Arabic, and Portuguese).
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including the ability to organize and manage human resources from varied cultural backgrounds to attain goals.



Contract type – Permanent

The closing date for applications is 13th September 2021

If you are interested to apply for this role, please reach out to Mushira Maged at AIMS International Egypt directly at